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  Lick! t-shirts with funky slogans
The second order for Lick! t-shirts is unfortunately passed now.
If you want to be in the next order, email us and we will inform you when the next order will be on.

info (at) sanmejor (dot) com

Every t-shirt features a golden Lick! logo and a cool text in white underneath. Check the t-shirts "live" here.

Popular Choices:
Lick! my lollipop
Lick! i won't bite
Lick! or die tryin'
Lick! my rosegarden
Lick! or not to lick
  Popular T-shirts
Will feature one of the 5 popular slogans, meaning that there will be more then one copy of each t-shirt produced. Still a nice choice though :). Check the slogans at the left side of this page.

Price: 15 eur for a male t-shirt, 17 eur for a female t-shirt

Exclusive choices:
LICK! i give up
LICK! my bling bling
LICK! my juicy bag
LICK! or be square
LICK! is my church
LICK! is for fun
LICK! i'm clean
LICK! like a virgin
LICK! for climate
LICK! or i leak
LICK! your way out
LICK! some body
LICK! for an angel
LICK! for a lover
LICK! my honeypie
LICK! with stupid
LICK! my hairy ears
LICK! my pinky toes

  Exclusive T-shirts
Will have a unique slogan that only you will have. Honestly, there won't be another t-shirt produced like yours, not by us, at least.
The premium t-shirts cost a bit more then the popular ones. Be quick to get yours, because the ordered slogans will be removed immediately.

Price: 17 eur for a male t-shirt, 19 eur for a female t-shirt

  The Sizes

The t-shirts are 'Fruit and Loom' label t-shirts which are rather large in size. To determine your own size correctly we advice to measure one of your own t-shirts and compare to the tables below. Please try to be accurate as possible when choosing your size, because if the t-shirt that you ordered will turn out to be smaller or larger, no refunding will be made, nor your t-shirt will be re-printed.

A is the distance between the t-shirt's highest point (the area around your neck) and the t-shirt's bottom. B is the t-shirt's width, taken right under where the sleeves end. All measures are in centimeters.

Male T-shirt:


Female Lady-fit T-shirt:


The difference between male and female t-shirt, apart from their size, is that female t-shirt is curvy, the t-shirt's width at the bottom is bigger then in the center. Male t-shirt is straight, as you can see on the picture. Female t-shirt is also made from a stretching material, which accomodates to your body. That is why the price for a female t-shirt is higher.

Order example

Your name: Paul Van Dyk

T-shirt 1:
Slogan: "for an angel"
Size: XL Male

T-shirt 2:
Slogan: "for climate"
Size: M Female

... etc.

Send your order to:
info (at) sanmejor (dot) com

So, you are ready to order your t-shirt, what to do next?
When you have decided which slogan are you going to take, which size you are and how many (male or female) t-shirts do you want,
send us an email to info (at) sanmejor (dot) com. Put "T-shirt order" to the Subject field. Also, put your full name and if you want to receive your t-shirt by mail, your adress. Your order may look something like an example on the left side of this page.
Email us and we will inform you when we will have a next order.


After you have sent us an email, you will receive a confirmation if the slogan that you wish is still available. If it is, you will be sent a bill with an amount of money you have to pay (depending on the number of t-shirts or mail delivery). You will also receive a bank account number to which you will have to transfer the money in advance. If your bank transfer will not arrive before the deadline, your t-shirt will not be printed. Unfortunately we can't provide any other way of payment than an advanced bank transfer.
Email us and we will inform you when we will have a next order.

So, how do i get my t-shirt?

When the t-shirts arrive, you will receive an email notification.
After that, you will be able to pick up your t-shirt at NiteTrain night club in Rovaniemi on NiteTrain's opening hours. Bring your identification card, like a passport or a driving license. See Venue for more information about location and opening hours. You will also be able to pick up your t-shirt at the Lick! party.

Receiving your t-shirt by mail

If you are living outside Rovaniemi, you can receice your t-shirt by mail within Finland's borders. The prices for mail delivery are:

1-2 T-shirts: 5 eur
3 and more: 10 eur

Email: info (at) sanmejor (dot) com